Monday, November 28, 2011

General Awareness Section of IBPS Clerk exam on 27th November 2011 in the morning shift:

1). With which sport is Sania Nehwal Associated ? - Badminton
2). With which sport is Ranji Trophy Related ? - Cricket
3). M.S Alhuwalia was recently preseted with which Award ? - Padmasree,Padmabushan..,Bharat
4). Which country is the largest producer of Jute? - Orissa
5). The 2016 summer Olympics are scheduled to held in which country? - Brazil
6). Which among the following countries is a member of G-8?
7). When is Ozone Day Celebrated ? - Sep 16th
8). Who has recently been appointed the PM of South Sudan ? - Omer Hassan al-Bashir
9). Who has recently been appointed the PM of Japan ? - Yoshihiko Noda
10). 2 questions are asked on "checques" ?
11). What is the meaning of Non-performing assets ? - NPA - A loan or lease that is not meeting its stated principal and interest payments.
12). It is mandatory for all banks to follow the rules of which Act? - KYC (Know Your Customer)
13). In BR act,what is the meaning of term "R" ? - Banking Regulation Act
14). The Ownerships of the bank is under… jointly owned by Gov tog India and RBI
15). Which of the following award in music is given by Government of Madhya Pradesh?
- Kalidas Sammam Award
16). One question is asked on Teesta dispute of INDIA and Bangladesh? West Bengal
17). NEFT and RTGS are---? They are Electronic Fund Transfer system
18). What is the full form of ETS in banking terms ? - EMISSIONS TRADING SCHEME
19). One question is asked on Books and Authors ? book written by maxim gorky -- mother
20). Who is present Ex officio chairman ship in Rajya Sabha..?
21). Which state is the largest producer of Iron Ore in India ?
22). The major Objective of UNESCO is ? Education,science and culture..
23). Head Quarters of World Bank are Located at ? - Washoington DC
24). Which bank has the largest no of branches and ATM`s in India? - SBI
25). Which current India gave license to use for exporting the goods? - Yen,japan currency
26). What is the full form of NET in Banking terms ?
27 )indian Atomic scientist - Homi bhaba
28) central drug research Institute - Lucknow

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